How Can I Talk With My Pet?

Of course you want to talk with your pet.

Really talk WITH your pet, not AT your pet nor TO your pet.

dogandtoyWhat’s the difference?  When you talk WITH your pet, he or she talks to you, too – and yes, you can hear him.

No surprise here.  It’s natural for people who truly love their animals, who delight in them and know how much value animals add to their life, to want to connect with them on a deeper level and share a more meaningful relationship.

This is Animal Communication

You want to know how your animal friend feels, what he would like to do, or play with, orcatbigwaterbowl eat. You’d love to know what he wants to share with you – even what his experience is like as a dog or cat or horse or fish.

It is so difficult to see your animal friend bored, tired, perhaps not well – and not knowing what he needs or wants, or how to perk him up so he feels better.

Maybe she hurts somewhere.  Maybe he’s missing that dirty old squeaker toy you threw out last week.  Maybe he really would like another animal buddy to play with.  How can you know if you can’t hear him tell you?

But Your Animals Talk To You All the Time…

Would you be surprised to know that your animals talk to you silently on a regular dog-walkingbasis?  Multiple times every day.  They ask for things, they may want a conversation with you, or they may want to tell you something very important about themselves, their housemates, or even about you.

… And You Really Can Hear Them!

Would you be even more surprised to know that you do receive their messages?  How can that be?

You receive their messages, but because you don’t always recognize the incoming information, it just doesn’t penetrate your consciousness.  Little bits here and there may filter through, like you just know that your cat’s water needs to be changed, or you have a feeling that your dog would like his walk early today.  Start recognizing these feelings and knowings as being real messages from your animal friend – known as animal communication.

What is This Energy Stuff? shell energy

Most folks just aren’t used to working with energy consciously.  Most of us never saw our parents do it, we weren’t taught how to do it in school, and it was never encouraged (or recognized) in our jobs.  In fact, throughout most of our lives the exact opposite was true.  We were laughed at if we ever said we could hear the cat or dog talk to us!  No wonder most people have let their natural-born ability to communicate with animals slide – along with their ability to recognize incoming energy in general.   This would include energetic input not only from the animals, but also from other humans and from nature, too.

The secret to start hearing the animals again is to work on becoming more aware of your thoughts and feelings.  Really pay attention to what you’re thinking and feeling in the moment.  Be aware of sudden changes, such as suddenly feeling anxious, or feeling thirsty or hungry.  Understand that these feelings may not be originating from you!

You Already Are Picking Up Energies and May Not Know It!

wake-up-feeling-greatHave you ever had the experience of feeling really great when you get up in the morning, only to find out that by the time morning break rolls around, you’ve lost energy and may even be feeling grumpy and out of sorts?  And you don’t know why.  Nothing really happened to account for the change.

What has likely happened is that you’ve picked up negative energy from your co-workers.  Your boss was complaining about an upcoming deadline.  Your buddy in thefeeling down next office or cubicle was worried about her sick mom.  The customer you talked with on the phone an hour ago was upset that his order hadn’t arrived.  You have taken in all this negative energy, and it’s robbed you of that great feeling you woke up with, that great feeling that truly reflects you and who you really are.

This kind of thing happens every day.  The silver lining about all this is, you’re sensitive to energy and you really can and do feel it!


So it won’t be hard to start hearing the animals again.

With a little directed practice and increased awareness of what you sense and feel, your dream of talking with your pets can absolutely become real.

Sue Becker, BFRAP, BFRP, CTTP is an Animal Communicator and Consultant, Bach Flower Remedies practitioner registered for both animals and humans, a certified Tellington TTouch practitioner and distance energy healer.  She specializes in animal behavior and is passionate about helping animals and humans understand each other better.

Sue’s acclaimed teleconference workshops Animal Communication Level 1 and Animal Communication Level 2 begin in January.  Visit Sue’s website at for more information and to get your free report, “5 Reasons You Must Talk with Your Animals and 5 Reasons Holding You Back”.


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  1. While it’s impossible to shelter kids from the loss of a pet, you can help them cope with it. And because a pet’s death might be their first time losing a loved one, the grieving process can help kids learn how to cope with other losses throughout life.

    • Yes, for sure. This is one of many reasons that animals come to be with us, as Teacher.
      And learning about loss is a huge life lesson. Thanks for your input!

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