Needing Homes

August 24, 2014    Please share as widely a possible
3 Dogs Needing Homes:  Koby – Australian Shepherd male from Iraq, 5-7 yrs old
                                         Bella – Shih-Tzu female 4-5 years old
                                         Otis – Mini Poodle/Schnauzer male 5-7 years old
Here is an email from Kaye who is trying to find homes for these 3 dogs.
The guardian for 1 lost his life in Iraq,  and the other 2 are no longer physically able to care for their companions.
Contact Kaye through her email


1st- is Koby- 5 -7 yrs old rescued, M/N , Australian Shepherd from Iraq ,by Canadian soldier ,he  asked young girl to take care of him til he came back

But,he didn’t come back, lost his life in war. Koby loves to talks, and is very special loving guy ,he nudges cats away from scratching furniture,

He is not good with TV when wars pictures are on or other dogs on TV.

He is very sweet….guy living with me at my home, with all the cats, dogs, and he loves people, but not good with young kids who my get rough with him.


2nd- Bella – 4-5 yrs old – F/ , not spayed, purebred, Shih-Tzu.

She wants tons of love and eats any food given, loving little doll, like to steal your seat Bellawhen you leave the room.

She will also steal you heart…good with other dogs ,cats and kids

She came from Napanee from a breeder who retired and wanted the young lady, who did so much for the older lady she wanted her  to have a dog.

The reason they have come into care, Is the young girl has Muscular D . and not able to care for them anymore.


3.rd -Otis – 5 M/N. everything done

His is owner had massive stroke, oldtimers disease …

Miniature Poodle /schnauzer – mostly Schnauser -white

Good with other dogs, and ok with cats…not sure about kids.

I have not pictures of this dog.


Contact Kaye through her email