The Balanced Animal


Do you know many balanced animals?  Do you have a balanced animal?

By ‘balanced’, I mean animals who are happy and healthy, those who take joy in their lives and have no major behavior issues.  These dogs, cats, horses, birds and others are participating in their lives fully and are living up to their highest potential.  They are a pleasure to be with and they’re able to give us their love, comfort and wisdom in heaping measures!

Being a balanced animal involves the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of that animal – in other words, the holistic view.  The physical, psychological and spiritual bodies are inter-related, and when one level is out of balance, all levels are out of balance!

Think of the last time you had a headache or a backache.  Your physical self was obviously not at its best!  What impact did this have on your emotional and mental states?  Chances are you felt depressed, unhappy, irritable or somehow limited in your approach to life.

This is a classic example of how a physical issue can throw the entire being out of balance.

What about the last time you felt fear?  Did your heart race, your palms perspire, your breathing become shallow?  The emotion of  fear had a definite and measurable impact on your physical body!  How did it affect your mental state?  Could you think logically and make rational and informed decisions?

This is true, too, for our animal companions.

So many animals go through life in an unbalanced state.  Anxiety, fear  or aggression (which is usually fear-rooted), and chronic health problems take a vast toll on the quality and even the length of our animals’ lives.  The quality of their relationship with their person or family suffers, too.

In my practice, I use safe and natural ways to help animals heal and overcome their issues.  Respecting the animal as a feeling, intelligent being allows us to connect  with them emotionally, telepathically and spiritually – to appreciate their perspective and  understand them.  There are very few quick fixes in this world  when it comes to emotional or chronic health issues for animals (and for people, too!), but the journey is always as important as the goal.

With  a barking dog, for example, we understand that there is much more going on with him than just the barking behavior.  We want to see the whole picture.  Are there any other problems or health issues?  Is he barking from fear, excitement, boredom, anxiety, pain or tension?  With behaviors there are always emotional components that need balancing before shifts in physical behavior can be expected.

I’m not a veterinarian and can’t diagnose physical ailments nor prescribe medications.  Yet physical problems have emotional roots and emotional repercussions, and helping the animal emotionally can move him more into balance and support him so his body may click into healing mode. 

In future articles I’ll show you ways to help your beloved animal companions achieve balance in their lives.  As well as describing actual animals I’ve worked with, I’ll do my best to answer your questions so please leave your thoughts in the comment section below.  Together we can help our animal friends move towards balance, and at the same time enhance your understanding of them and deepen the bonds between you.

In all cases of physical problems or illness, please consult your holistic veterinarian.

Sue Becker, BFRP, BFRAP,  CTTP is an animal communicator and consultant, registered Bach Flower practitioner for both humans and animals, certified Tellington TTouch animal practitioner,  and distance energy healer.  Passionate about helping animals become the best they can be, Sue works with animals and their people to open lines of communication and understanding between them and shows people how to support their animal friends emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Sue does one-on-one consultations, teaches workshops and teleclasses, offers CDs and more. 

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